In 2000 about seven hundred Chins fled to Guam to avoid religious persecution in Myanmar.  They were resettled in the main land in the United States.  The Chin Baptist churches were formed in Indiana, Texas, Michigan and District of Columbia metropolitan area. There are also two Chin Baptist churches in Vancouver, Canada and Ottawa, Canada.  Thinking to carry joint mission to their own people in the abroad and their homeland, Chin Baptist Fellowship of America (CBFA) was formed by those who attended the meeting on November 26, 2004 at 9:00 pm during the Chin Christian Centenary celebration at Chin Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.

Since 2006, more Chin refugees have been resettled in over one hundred cities of the United States.  The Chin Baptist Churches, Christian churches and fellowships are formed in wherever they live. It is necessary to find the way to support their fellow Chins in the North America as well as in their homeland in Myanmar. Currently 95 CBCUSA member churches are working joint mission in the USA to have fellowship and to help support each of CBCUSA churches and to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ as its most priority.

The name of CBFA was changed to Chin Baptist Churches USA (CBCUSA) by the board of management of the CBFA at the 3rd Biennial at Chin Baptist Mission Church in Washington, DC on July 02, 2010. In January 2013 the office of the CBCUSA was opened in Indianapolis, Indiana under the leadership of a full time Executive Minister.

The CBCUSA is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA as one the Associated Ministry Organization June 2014 and with Baptist World Alliance as a member in July 2014.The current address of the CBCUSA is  7216 US 31 South, Indianapolis, IN 46227.